A Messenger From The Wonder-Star is the first episode of Kamiwaza Wanda. It first aired in Japan on April 23, 2016 on TBS. It is the very first episode in the Kamiwaza Wanda series.



Wanda's home planet, the Wonder-Star, is under a spell of the evil Don Bugdez. The Wonder-King has decided to send his son Wanda to Earth in order to find help from a young boy named Yuto.


The Wonder-Star was a peaceful planet until Don Bugdez casts an evil spell which causes the planet to go corrupt and become invaded by bad-behaving monsters known as the Bugmins. Wanda, son of the Wonder-King, only captured and debugged a very few of the Bugmins including Bug-Dorirumin. He then runs to his home castle to see his dad who is not amused about the spell caused by his arch-nemesis Don Bugdez. Then, The Wonder-King decided to send his son Wanda to Earth and put the Wonder-Star into ice, causing the Bugmins invading there to retreat.

Meanwhile at Earth, a young boy named Yuto had been thinking about the memories of his family's pet dog Wannosuke. His mother Yuuka Kamiya then told Yuto that he has to pick up his sister Yui and help her look for a new pet dog to replace Wannosuke.

Yuto then goes out to pick up Yui. The sun was setting and Yuto has been seeing a few people with their pet dogs. He then sees his sister Yui playing in the sand with 2 more young girls. He picks her up.

On the way home, Yuto and his sister Yui had been mentioning their family's pet dog Wannosuke. Just then, something fell from the sky and crash-landed somewhere near a large heap of scrap-cars at a scrapyard. Yuto and Yui went to the scrapyard to investigate. It was a Kamiwaza Pod. Inside it was Wanda who introduces Yuto and Yui to himself. Suddenly, one of scrap-cars began to move. Wanda was chased by it until he jumps on a stack of scrap-cars for safety. Then, Wanda activates his Kamiwaza Searcher and uses it on the scrap-car that chased him. Bug-Turbomin was revealed and Wanda activates his Kamiwaza Power-Shot in 'Kamiwaza Catch' mode. However, Bug-Turbomin then pushes the scrap-car into the stack Wanda is standing on. Wanda falls off from the collapsing stack and Bug-Turbomin laughs. Yuto was shocked and Yui was worried. Then, Bug-Turbomin runs away and Wanda picks up his Kamiwaza Power-Shot and chases him up another stack of scrap-cars. At last, Wanda captures and debugs Bug-Turbomin. Yui was delighted.

Later, Yuto and his sister Yui took Wanda to their house. The next day, Wanda told Yuto and Yui about the Wonder-Star and the Bugmins who invaded there. Yuto even mentions Bug-Turbomin. Then, they hear someone's cry. It was a salesman at Kirakira First Street and he's in trouble. Yuto and Wanda then went outside for help. Soon, they saw the salesman having trouble with a collapsing shade. Wanda uses his Kamiwaza Searcher on the shade and reveals Bug-Tonkmin who was demolishing it. The shade then collapses and lands on the salesman. Wanda then gives the Kamiwaza Power-Shot to Yuto and tells him about summoning good-hearted monsters known as Promins. Wanda passes a Kamiwaza-Procard of Turbomin to Yuto in order to summon one. Using his Kamiwaza Power-Shot, Yuto finally summons his first Promin: Turbomin.

With Turbomin giving Yuto's skateboard the boost, Yuto began chasing down Bug-Tonkmin who was getting away. However, Bug-Tonkmin builds a large wall to block Yuto. Wanda then passes another Kamiwaza-Procard to Yuto. Yuto summons Dorirumin.

Dorirumin drills a large hole on the wall for Yuto to go through. At last Yuto captures and debugs Bug-Tonkmin. Wanda was delighted that Yuto has captured and debugged a Bugmin for the first time. Yuto finally begins his adventure as a Kamiwaza Power-Shooter.


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  • This is the episode that starts off both the Kamiwaza Wanda anime series and the original Kamiwaza Wanda season.
  • This is the only episode that in which the writing on its episode title card is coloured green with black outlines.
  • This is the first episode to have 'Wanda Nanda' as the opening and 'Samba de Wanda' as the ending.
  • The beginning of this episode makes a referance to the ghost invasion scenes in some of the episodes of the cartoon 'Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures'.

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