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    Here Are The Q's And A's About My 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Fandom! (Note: All Of The Questions Are From Deviantart)

    I Got Only One Question From Randy...

    Q. Plusmin, What Is Your Favourite Food?  A. Plusmin's Favourite Food Are Strawberries! That Child Promin Loves Eating Those Red, Juicy Strawberries Especially The Ones Grown By Another Child Promin Ichigomin!  

    ...4 Questions From JinNeko... 

    Q. Soulmin, What Do You Do When You're Bored?  A. When She Gets Bored, Soulmin Either Watches TV (Just Like How Turbomin Does), Plays With Her Dolls Or Listens To The Music! 

    Q. Hasamin, What Will You Do When Liftmin Smiles At You?  A. Oh My! When Her Husband Liftmin Smiles At Her, Hasamin Will Blush With A Smile As A Reaction! 

    Q. Turbomin, Do You Get Alon…

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    Today... I'm Doing Q's And A's That Are To Do With My 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Fandom! I Need 10 Questions This Time! Here Are The Rules:

    1. Always Ask Questions About Promins From All 3 Generations So Far And Their Everyday Lives!

    2. Never Ask Questions That Are Uncomfortable For The Promins!

    3. Don't Call The 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Franchise A Rip-Off Or A Spin-Off Of Another Franchise!

    4. Be Nice To The Promins And The 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Community!

    5. Never Ask NSFW Questions And Questions About Promins Doing Your Fetishes!

    6. All Questions Must Be 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Related Only!

    7. Questions That Break Any Of The Rules Above Will Be Rejected!

    Good Luck Asking The Questions! 



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    Hello Everyone!

    This Is StrawberryStar123 Here! I Would Like To Say About The Generation 2 Promins!

    Back In April 2017, I Created My First Generation 2 Promin! Her Name Is Soulmin And She'll Be The First One Of The Generation 2 Promins On The Promin List!

    Throughout The Months, I've Been Drawing Each And Every Generation 2 Promin On The Promin List! Like Generation 1, Generation 2 Will Have 77 Promins! And... By Promin List Order, The Last 3 Are Legendary Promins!

    Right Now, I've Only Got 15 Remaining 2nd Gen Promins Left To Draw!

    Once I've Done All 77 Generation 2 Promins, I'll Be Sending A Copy Of Each One Of Them To Takara Tomy! If The Takara Tomy Accepts My Promin Designs, They'll Make Sure That They'll Credit Me For The Generation 2 Promin…

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    Today, After All That Drama With bland-superstar451 On Deviantart, My Promin Lasermin And I Became Very Sad!

    Bland Attacked Me Over My Beautifully-Drawn Picture Of Lasermin Which I've Done Using A Brush Tool On Paint.NET!

    Here's The Link To The Picture Of Lasermin:

    Lasermin And I Need To Be Cheered Up Right Now! Can Anyone Do Something To Cheer Me And Lasermin Up?




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    Today Is My 22nd Birthday! I'm Having A 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Themed Birthday Celebration Today!

    Also... Here's A '22nd Birthday' Special Picture I've Made To Celebrate Today!

    Wish Me A Happy Birthday!

    StrawberryStar123 (talk) 10:01, February 20, 2018 (UTC)

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    I Wonder... I Have Several 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Human Characters Currently In My Mind! Most Of Which Are Kamiwaza Power-Shooters!

    Here Are The 4 Fan-Made 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Human Characters Of Mine That I've Already Drawn!

    Name Gender Kamiwaza Teammate Promin Buddy Other Notes
    Hinata Kamiya Female Perfect Soulmin
    • Hinata's Teammate Perfect Is Wanda's Younger Sister.
    • Hinata Is Yuto And Yui's Cousin.

    Miyakko Takamisaki

    Female Nyanko (Cat-Like Teammate) Gauzemin
    • Miyakko And Her Family Used To Live Somewhere In Osaka, Japan. They Have Now Moved To Kirakira First Street.
    • Miyakko's Cat-Like Teammate Nyanko Is Also Wanda's Older Half-Sister. Before Wanda Was Born, The Wonder-King And His Wife Adopted Orphan Nyanko Who Was Transfered From Her Birthplace Planet Th…

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    Here Are My Guesses For The Original 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Season's Dub Titles!

    1.      Episode 01: ‘There’s A New Dog In Town!’

    2.      Episode 02: ‘Unlocking The Animal Rampage!’

    3.      Episode 03: ‘When There’s Chores, There’s Chaos!’

    4.      Episode 04: ‘Ridin’ The Rails!’

    5.      Episode 05: ‘Barbeque Or Burst!’

    6.      Episode 06: ‘Sing A Song Of Shenanigans!’

    7.      Episode 07: ‘It’s All About Sushi And Burgers!’

    8.      Episode 08: ‘Get Your Knowledge Going!’

    9.      Episode 09: ‘The Road To Promin-Land! (Part 1)’

    10     Episode 10: ‘The Road To Promin-Land! (Part 2)’

    1       Episode 11: ‘Wanda Loses His Face!’

    12     Episode 12: ‘All Charged Up With No Place To Go!’

    13     Episode 13: ‘I Dream Of Wanda!’

    14     Episode 14: ‘Fan-Tastic!’

    15     Episode 15: ‘On A R…

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    OK! In 1 Month's Time, It's My 22nd Birthday! This Year, I'm Going To Have A 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Themed Birthday Celebration! I Will Create A '22nd Birthday' Special Picture To Upload On My Birthday!

    Wish Me A Happy Birthday On 20th February!

    StrawberryStar123 (talk) 21:57, January 20, 2018 (UTC)

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    Let Me Tell You The Good News About The Page About The Kamiwaza Promin-Zu Segments! I Now Have All 24 Kamiwaza Promin-Zu Segments On The List From Episode 24 To Episode 47! I've Also Thanked Guren For Helping Me With That List! I Am So Proud Of This!

    Also... Let Me Tell You Something About The Fan-Made Promins...

    Fan-Made Promins Are Promins Created By Those Who Are Fans Of The 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Franchise Like Me And My Friend JinNeko! When I Looked Up On Twitter And Deviantart, I Discovered That JinNeko And I Are Not The Only Ones Who Made Our Fan-Made Promins!

    Here Are Some Of My Fan-Made Promins:

    Name Image Gender Attribute Kamiwaza Ability Bugwaza Ability
    Female Buruburu Brings Imaginations To Life Brings Imaginations To Life In Ord…

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    As We Know 2018 Has Just Begun, My Mission To Get Takara Tomy To Bring Back The 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Franchise Has Continued!

    I Have 3 Guesses Of When The New 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Season Will Begin Airing On:

    1. Summer 2018
    2. Autumn 2018
    3. Sometime In 2019

    If My First Guess Is Correct, The New 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Season Will Replace 'Shinkalion: The Animation' In Its Initial Timeslot And Will Be As Part Of TBS' 'AniSata' Block!

    Also, One Of My New Year's Resolutions Is To Make More Fan-Made Promins!

    Will My Mission Succeed This Year? I Hope So! :)



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    Today Is The Last Day Of 2017! This Means That Tomorrow's The Beginning Of A Shining New Year! (2018)

    For Me... The Saddest Moment I Had In 2017 Was When The Original 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Season Ended!

    2017 Was Also The Year I Started My 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Revival Mission In! Let's Hope It'll Succeed Sometime In 2018!

    The Best 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Related Moments I Had In 2017 Were:

    1. When I Got The Official Artwork Of My Fan-Made Promin Soulmin!
    2. When I Heard From The Twitter User Oh-Fox That 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Is Coming Back!
    3. When I Got 3 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Manga Books, A Toy Kamiwaza Power-Shot And A Gauzemin Plush On Christmas Day!
    4. When I Began Drawing Promins On April 2017!
    5. When I Wrote A 12-Chapter Story Called 'Kamiwaza World Tour'!

    I Also Had Some Best Non-…

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    I Would Like To Wish You All 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Fans A Very Merry Christmas Today! I Had Some Of The 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Stuff This Christmas Which Are A Toy Kamiwaza Power-Shot And 3 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Manga Books!

    I've Also Made A Christmas Special Promin Picture To Go With This Year's Christmas Celebration!

    Also... I'm Still On My 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Revival Mission! Let's Hope That My Mission Will Suceed!

    I'm Also Hoping To Get More 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Stuff On My Birthday!

    My Mission Will Still Continue Through New Year's Eve And Beyond January 2018!

    I Hope You'll Have A Wonderful New Year!



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    It'll Be Christmas Day Tomorrow! Some Of The Things I'm Wishing For Christmas This Year Are Some Of The Kamiwaza Wanda Toys! On Deviantart, I'll Be Uploading My 'Christmas' Special Promin Picture!

    Also On Deviantart, I'll Be Uploading A Special Christmas Story! It'll Be About Hinata Kamiya And Her Artistic Older Sister Ami Kamiya And Their Parents And Hinata's Teammate Perfect Celebrating Christmas With Her Aunt Yuuka, Her Uncle Hiruto, Her Cousins Yuto And Yui And Wanda! It'll Be Called 'Merry Christmas Cousin Hinata'!

    I Hope You'll Get To See It On Christmas Day!



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    Hello, Everyone!

    I Do Know That We Can Watch The Original 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Season On The Gogoanime Website! However... You Can Only Watch The First 21 Episodes Of The Original 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Season There!

    Come And Have A Look! I Hope You'll Enjoy Them! :D

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    OK! Here Are My Top 10 Favourite Promins That Appeared In The 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Franchise So Far...

    10. Yumemin

    Yumemin Is A Simply Adorable Promin! I Do Like His Voice And The Way He Says 'Oyasumi'! He's Very Cuddly Indeed Too!

    9. Divemin

    Divemin's So Cool! I Like His Cute Face! I Also Like The Way He Says 'Pugu'!

    8. Sharimin

    I Like Sharimin's Looks! I Also Love Sharimin's Voice Too!

    7. Freezemin

    I Do Like Freezemin's Cute Face! Freezemin Reminds Me Of A Plush Toy! :)

    6. Gakkimin

    Gakkimin's SO Cute! I Love His Voice And Dancing!

    5. Boatmin

    I Like Boatmin Because He Reminds Me Of Turbomin! I Love The Way He Says 'Bashar'!

    4. Gauzemin

    Gauzemin's Adorable! I Also Like Her Bugmin Ego As Well!

    3. Turbomin

    Turbomin's So Cute! I Do Love His 'Gya' Sound As Well! …

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    OK! In Order To Protect Our 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Wiki From Being Vandalised, We Need An Anti-Vandalism Template! We Could Make One! Then, We Might Use It On Pages That We Don't Want Vandalism On! Good Idea?

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    Does Anyone Know A South-Korean Deviantart User Named JinNeko12? If So... JinNeko Is My Friend From Deviantart! He Likes 'Kamiwaza Wanda' And He's A Fan Of The Promins! (Just Like Me!) JinNeko Has A Good Job On Writing The Alternatives Scenes For The Original 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Series As In A Crossover With Another Series That Do Like! ('Tamagotchi!')

    You Can Check These Out On Deviantart!

    I Hope You'll Like Them! :D

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    OK! So... Anyone Have Any Ideas For 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Sequels And 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Spin-Offs?

    Here Are My Ideas For Them:

    'Kamiwaza Wanda Z' Is The Sequel To The Original 'Kamiwaza Wanda'. Its Story Takes Place After The Original 'Kamiwaza Wanda'.

    "Following Don-Bugdez's Extintion And The Purification Of The Wonder-Star, Yuuto, Wanda and Their 3 Friends Masato, Mirai And Shuu Were Congratulated For Capturing And Purifying All The Promins On Planet Earth! Yuuto and His 3 Friend Said Their Goodbyes To Wanda and The Promins They've Captured And Purified So Far And Leave Behind Their Camera-Like Kamiwaza Power-Shots And Their Kamiwaza Shakers! Wanda And The Promins Are Now At The Promin Paradise As Wanda Meets Up With New, Mysterious Fairy-Like Fa…

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    Gary Came Back 7 Times Now! This 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Wiki Needs Some Wiki Rules! We Kept On Banning Him For Trying To Ruin This 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Wiki For Us!

    For Example, 2 Of The Rules Are:

    • Do Not Put Any Non-'Kamiwaza Wanda' Related Stuff On This Wiki!
    • Only Add Information That Are 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Related To This Wiki!

    How About That! Then... If Gary Understands Those Rules, He'll Decide Not To Add 'Sailor Moon' Related Stuff To The 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Wiki Anymore!

    Update On 22.11.17: I've Written A Message About Gary To The FANDOM Staff!:

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  • StrawberryStar123

    OK! I Need Some Screenshots And Images That Show The Promin Liftmin!

    I Need Them For The Gallery Section On Liftmin's Page! Can You Please Look For Them For Me? Thanks! :)

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  • StrawberryStar123

    Here Is A List Of The Generation 1 Promins! The Generation 1 Promins Are The Promins That Already Made Their Debut In The 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Franchise! This Promin List Shows The Promins By:

    • Their Names In English...
    • ...And In Japanese
    • Their Genders
    • Their Attributes
    • Their Elements (Depending On My Headcannon)

    Generation 1 Promins:

    1. Turbomin - ターボミン - Male - Shirishiri - Fire

    2. Gakkimin - ガッキミン - Male - Shirishiri - Earth

    3. Gazemin (Or Gauzemin) - ガーゼミン - Female - Hokkori - Light

    4. Denkyumin - デンキュミン - Male - Hokkori - Thunder

    5. Chakkamin - チャッカミン - Male - Punpun - Fire

    6. Hasamin - ハサミン - Female - Punpun - Air

    7. Eishamin - エイシャミン - Male - Shirishiri - Light

    8. Tonkmin - トンカミン - Male - Wakuwaku - Earth

    9. Plugmin - プラグミン - Male - Wakuwaku - Thunder


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    Today, A Wiki User Named Gary Has Been Putting 'Sailor Moon' Stuff On The 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Wiki! There's A Fact That The 'Sailor Moon' Franchise Has No Relationship To The 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Franchise! So... I Removed All Of Gary's Edits From The Following Pages...

    • Yuto
    • Yui
    • Mirai
    • Shuu
    • Nicole
    • Wanda
    • Kamiwaza Wanda (Season)

    ...And I Messaged Him NOT To Put Anymore 'Sailor Moon' Stuff On The 'Kamiwaza Wiki'! Putting Anything To Do With 'Sailor Moon' Or Any Of The Non-'Kamiwaza Wanda' Franchises Onto The 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Wiki Counts As Vandalism! That's The Rule.

    Many Thanks!



    Update: 19.11.17 - Gary's Just Kept On Coming Back And He's Thinking That 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Is Still 'Sailor Moon' But I Know That It Is Not! If He Puts A…

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    So... On March 25th 2017, The Original 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Series Aired Its 47th And Final Episode! However... There Was No Sign Of The Second 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Series And 'Tomica Driveheads' Took Its Place!

    So... My Mission Is To Get Takara Tomy To Bring Back The 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Franchise! I Started My 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Revival Mission On May 1st 2017 By Opening Up A Petition...

    Then, Towards The End Of May 2017, I Wrote My First Letter To Takara Tomy About Bringing Back The Series! I've Then Got My First Reply From Takara Tomy V…

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