Bug Bites' Gigaga
Gigaga is one of the main villains in Kamiwaza Wanda. He is voiced by Shinnosuke Ogami. Gigaga is one of the 3 Bug Bites members.


Gigaga is the tallest, bald member of the Bug Bites. He has silver eyes. He wears a blue suit. Like Terara and Megaga, Gigaga has a red nose.


Gigaga is the musclar member of the Bug Bites.


In the series

Kamiwaza Wanda

Gigaga makes his debut along with Terara and Megaga in episode 2 when he was transformed from a toy wrestler by Don Bugdez.

In almost all episodes of Kamiwaza Wanda, Gigaga is always with the other 2 Bug Bites members.

In episode 47, following Don Bugdez's extinction, Gigaga was turned back into his old toy wrestler form. Later, he, along with Terara and Megaga, ended up in a box at Yuto's house.