The Kamiwaza Promin-Zu segments are the second mini-anime segments in the original Kamiwaza Wanda season. They replaced the 'Promin-Zu' minisode segments starting from episode 24. Each of the featured Promin's verses are sung by Wanda.

Screenshot Showing Wanda And Some Promins

List of Promins featured in the 'Kamiwaza Promin-Zu' segments

Episode Featured Promin What happens during the featured Promin's verse? Extra stills
24 Turbomin Turbomin finds a clockwork tortoise and makes it move fast by riding on it. As the tortoise travels along, Turbomin eats his favourite packet of crisps. That was until he and the tortoise both fall off the cliff and into the river.
  1. As seen in the anime, Turbomin is speeding up a skateboard.
  2. Turbomin has crossed the finish line first. He has won the race.
25 Chakkamin Chakkamin lights up a barbeque and cooks meat, noodles and corn and then lights up the candles on a birthday cake. However, Turbomin blew out the candles first before Chakkamin. After this, Chakkamin chases Turbomin.
  1. Chakkamin, Dorirumin and Zuzumin are sitting by the campfire.
  2. Chakkamin did a good job lighting up the fireworks.
26 Zuzumin Zuzumin is going to entertain us. He tames a hamster, a cat and a lion in order to jump through the hoop. Zuzumin was delighted until he and the 3 furry animals got frightened by a T-Rex.
  1. Zuzumin goes apple-picking with help from a giraffe.
  2. Zuzumin is sleeping with some furry animals.
27 Jetmin Jetmin finds an old broom and he flies with it. In the sky, he draws a heart-shape. Then, some birds landed on the old broom behind Jetmin... but he continues flying with it.
  1. Jetmin just flew past an aeroplane.
  2. Turbomin and Gauzemin sees Jetmin flying by.
28 Stopmin Stopmin uses his Kamiwaza ability to set a time-freeze on a car, a warthog, a bull and finally a basketball. Then, by accident, Stopmin crashes into a lamp-post.
  1. Stopmin saves the goal by setting a time-freeze at the soccer-ball.
  2. Stopmin catches Turbomin who was trying to sneak a pot of yogurt from the fridge.
29 Kagimin Kagimin closes a door and a window and then zips up Turbomin's mouth. Then, Kagimin mistook a giant pig's snout for a keyhole, causing the giant pig to sneeze.
  1. Kagimin has finally locked a T-Rex in a cage. Well Done Kagimin!
  2. Kagimin has found some treasure after opening a treasure chest.
30 Gakkimin Gakkimin finds a piano and he plays with it. He then manipulates the other instruments and then dances to the music.
  1. Gakkimin is being the conductor.
  2. An album cover shows Chakkamin, Hasamin, Micmin and Gakkimin, making a referance to the cover The Beatles' 'Abbey Road' album.
31 Gauzemin Gauzemin finds a tree with a broken branch. She repairs the branch using her bandages. Then, Turbomin bumps into the tree and Gauzemin wraps the whole of Turbomin's head in bandages. Kagimin and the tree then both laugh at Turbomin.
  1. Gauzemin is rescuing Tonkmin from the sea.
  2. Gauzemin gives her friend Hasamin a pretty bow made from bandages.
32 Denkyumin Denkyumin uses his Kamiwaza ability to help Turbomin guide through the cave. They saw 2 bats and then a ghost. Actually, the ghost was a hologram casted by Eishamin.
  1. Denkyumin is riding on a flying reindeer next to Rudolph.
  2. Denkyumin lights himself up for Jishomin to read one of his books.
33 Hasamin Hasamin cuts 3 sheets of paper, making them into paper-tulips, paper-stars and a snowflake. Then, she plays a game of rock-paper-scissors with Turbomin. However, Turbomin beats Hasamin with a 'rock hand' sign so Hasamin gives it a 'paper hand' shape, making Turbomin unamused.
  1. Accompanied by Micmin and Yumemin, Hasamin is going to cut the ribbon.
  2. Hasamin enjoys looking at some crabs.
34 Micmin Micmin jumps on the stage and starts singing, entertaining Kagimin, Turbomin, Gauzemin and Tonkmin. Then, Micmin sings even louder so anyone else on both Earth and the universe can hear him.
  1. Micmin works as a voice actor.
  2. Micmin announces Railmin's singing performance.
35 Tonkmin Tonkmin sees Turbomin and Gauzemin who are tried after a long walk so he builds a bench for them to rest on. Then, it was raining so Tonkmin builds a shelter for Turbomin and Gauzemin as well as shelters for the birds and Jetmin.
  1. Tonkmin is breaking the walnuts open for Turbomin, Sharimin and Eishamin to eat.
  2. Tonkmin is working at a construction site.
36 Eishamin Eishamin finds a projection screen and displays 3 films in different genres: sci-fi (Turbomin), horror (Gauzemin) and action (Kagimin and Chakkamin) and then, he displays a film starring himself as Godzilla. On the film, Eishamin fires a hologram, displaying Wanda, at a skyscraper building.
  1. The film Eishamin is displaying has ended. (Notice on this extra still that Turbomin is in tears.)
  2. Micmin prepares Eishamin who is about to start displaying a film for Burgemin and his friend Sharimin to see.
37 Jishomin Jishomin walks up to a set of 4 sums and he answers them all in one go. Jishomin then does the same thing to an activity puzzle where he has the name the objects. Then, a flower was drawn as the scene fades to another scene where Jishomin enjoys eating a dish a ramen.
  1. Jishomin is teaching. (Notice on this extra still that Turbomin is sleeping.)
  2. Turbomin had failed his test as Jishomin told him so.
38 Sukemin Sukemin is playing a game of hide and seek. Using his Kamiwaza ability, he finds Zuzumin under a Japanese table, Turbomin behind the curtains and Railmin inside a closet. He then opens the window. Then, by accident, Sukemin made a small bird transparent, showing its skeleton.
  1. Sukemin made his ice-lolly transparent and was delighted because he's the winner.
  2. Sukemin was playing cards with Turbomin and Gauzemin. He sees a joker card in Turbomin's hand.

(Note: On both extra stills showing Sukemin, an image of Wanda is seen.)

39 Railmin Railmin finds his own steam train and he rides on it. He rode past Turbomin, Gauzemin and Kagimin, over the hills and into space.
  1. Railmin is giving Freezemin, Dorirumin and Yumemin a train ride.
  2. Zuzumin and a huge number of his droplets are all getting in Railmin's way.
40 Dorirumin Stopmin accidently bumps into Turbomin, making him drop his rice-cake. Therefore, Dorirumin has to fetch it from a hole in the ground. Dorirumin then ends up on a deserted island, without noticing Turbomin's rice-cake.
  1. Dorirumin and Tonkmin are playing in the sand.
  2. Dorirumin is helping a colony of ants.
41 Jaguchimin Jaguchimin uses his Kamiwaza ability to feed Zuzumin's camel. Then, Jaguchimin spouts water everywhere, turning the desert into a flowery meadow. Jaguchimin has been spouting water too much that the meadow then turns into the sea.
  1. Jaguchimin and Chakkamin are giving Turbomin a bath.
  2. Jaguchimin dances around whilst watering the flowers in the meadow.
42 Freezemin Freezemin finds a lake and turns it into an ice-rink for himself to ice-skate on. Whilst ice-skating, Freezemin uses his Kamiwaza ability to create 2 snowmen and an ice-castle. Then, Freezemin spins, creating a hole in the ice-rink and he falls through it. Poor Freezemin couldn't get out of the hole.
  1. Freezemin makes snow for Turbomin, Gauzemin, Kagimin and Chakkamin to have a snowball fight in.
  2. Freezemin made Tonkmin use a frozen banana as a hammer to hammer the nail on.
43 Burgemin Burgemin is serving at his own restuarant and Turbomin is the customer, asking him for some burgers. That was until Burgemin trapped Turbomin in a burger by accident.
  1. Burgemin was serving burgers to his android robot.
  2. Whilst sleeping, Burgemin had his burger-hat bitten by Chakkamin, Hasamin and Turbomin.
44 Sharimin Sharimin puts the sushi he makes on Railmin's train. Then, Sharimin plays a trick on the Promins riding on Railmin's train by making sushi out of them. We then cut to a scene showing the planet Saturn, with the Promin sushi on its ring, transforming into Sharimin.
  1. Sharimin is serving sushi for his android robot.
  2. Sharimin is laughing at his android robot who was eating wasabi sushi.
45 Mutemin Mutemin uses her Kamiwaza ability to mute out the other Promins who were distracting Jishomin's peace and quiet. Then, Mutemin muted out Jishomin who accidently broke wind.
  1. That night, Mutemin's slumber was distracted by Turbomin's snoring.
  2. Mutemin has already muted out Turbomin prior to the morning when the alarm clock rings.
46 Hanshamin Hanshamin defends himself from the attacks of Gakkimin and Denkyumin and then the attacks of Freezemin and Chakkamin. After this, a damaged Wanda falls from above and lands on the ground onscreen.
  1. Hanshamin's mirrors show reflections of Turbomin and Jetmin.
  2. Hanshamin plays squash all by himself using his mirrors.
47 Yumemin Yumemin manipulates Turbomin's dream (which shows Turbomin flying in the sky) and Jetmin's dream (which shows Jetmin traveling underwater) then he falls asleep and dreams of Wanda. There were no extra stills showing Yumemin. Instead, there are 2 scenes showing the Promins waving at the audience.

As a Song

See: Kamiwaza Promin-Zu (song)

A full 5-minute song with all 24 verses was released as part of the Kamiwaza Wanda song collection along with the full and TV size versions of both Wanda Nanda and Samba de Wanda.


  • Each one of the 24 Kamiwaza Promin-Zu segments include a scene showing Wanda and 20 of the Promins. In the Kamiwaza Promin-Zu segment in episode 47, there was a minor change to that scene: Wanda, who's right behind the Promins, is smiling with delight in happy tears.