Magnemin is a character in Kamiwaza Wanda and a Promin. His attribute is Wakuwaku.

Promin Magnemin



Magnemin resembles a red-white-and-blue magnet. His face and his body resemble horseshoe magnets and his arms resemble circular magnets. He also has a yellow letters 'N' and 'S' and red-and-blue markings.

For his Bugmin ego, see: Bug-Magnemin

As a Bugmin, his tongue always hang out in an upwards position.


Magnemin is mischievous but he's also a cheerful Promin.


  • Plugmin (rival when Magnemin or Plugmin were Bugmins/close friend)
  • Tonkmin (former opponent (when Tonkmin was a Bugmin)/friend)


Magnemin's Kamiwaza ability is to use his magnetic forces to move objects that a magnet can pick up. As a Bugmin, he can use his magnetic forces to move magnetic objects without anyone noticing and also make his victims magnetic.

In the series

Kamiwaza Wanda

Magnemin made his debut as a Bugmin in episode 17 when he made Wanda magnetic and moved him around with with his magnetic forces. Later, Bug-Magnemin used a lot a black, magnetic sand to transform into a black giant version of himself. Not even Turbomin can handle that giant Bugmin unless Wanda knocks Bug-Magnemin over. Bug-Magnemin then turns himself into a giant ball, taking Wanda and the Bug Bites with him, and chases Yuto, Mirai and Shuu until he was comfronted by Chakkamin. Bug-Magnemin returned to his smaller self and was captured and debugged by Yuto.

Magnemin was first summoned by Yuto in episode 19. He uses a small, magnetic signal-tower to prevent Bug-Plugmin from electrocuting Yuto.

Magnemin made his cameo appearance in episode 45 when Mirai uses him to comfront Bug-Tonkmin.



  • Magnemin is the fifth Promin to be encountered as a Bugmin outside of Kirakira First Street.
  • Magnemin is the fifth Promin to be captured and debugged as a Bugmin by Yuto outside of Kirakira First Street. Bug-Magnemin was captured and debugged by Yuto at the Tokyo Science Museum.


  • Magnemin resembles a magnet.


  • Magnemin is the first Promin to have 2 colours on the emblem.
  • Magnemin's name comes from the word 'magnet'.