Mapmin (Japanese: マップミン) is a character in Kamiwaza Wanda and a Promin. Mapmin is a Multi-Character Promin, considering to be male. Their attribute is Kicchiri.

Promin Mapmin



Mapmin resembles a map with one of which is red and the other is orange. The orange half has a purple marking resembling a compass.

For their Bugmin ego, see: Bug-Mapmin

As a Bugmin, both halves of them share the same colour which happens to be black.


Mapmin have separate personalities. the red one is serious while the orange one is cheerful.


  • Yuto (current owner)
  • Bellmin (the Promin that Mapmin comforted)


Mapmin's Kamiwaza ability is to help guide anyone to their right destinations and also locate any building or person. As a Bugmin, they can make anyone go in the wrong directions and also conjure up giant mazes for anyone to try and escape.

In the series

Kamiwaza Wanda

Mapmin made their debut as a Bugmin in episode 15 when they were encountered by Wanda and Yuto. Bug-Mapmin casts up a giant maze that prevents them, Yuto's sister Yui, Shuu and Mirai and their fathers from escaping. Thanks to his fellow Promins Turbomin and Tonkmin, Yuto finally captures and debugs Bug-Mapmin.

Mapmin was first summoned by Yuto in episode 20. They used their Kamiwaza ability to locate Masato.

In episode 28, Mapmin watched the rebugging of Stopmin in despair. Later, they comforted Bellmin, a nervous Promin belonging to Masato.

In episode 46, during the battle against Don Bugdez's monsterous form, Mapmin were fused with Hanshamin throughout Masato's Kamiwaza Shaker to become Hanpumin.

Mapmin made a camero appearance in episode 47 when they showed Jetmin the map from Earth to the Wonder-Star.




  • Mapmin resembles a map.


  • Mapmin is so far the only Multi-Character Promin in the Kamiwaza Wanda franchise.
  • Mapmin's name comes from the word 'map'.