Mutemin is a character in Kamiwaza Wanda and a Promin. Her attribute is Buruburu.

Promin Mutemin



Mutemin is purple with headphone-plug-shaped arms. a sea-green face and yellow makings. The purple hands on her chest always keeps her mouth hidden.

For her Bugmin ego, see: Bug-Mutemin

As a Bugmin, her eyes are a little bit bigger.


Mutemin has a shy personality. She most often says close to Masato. She is also good friends with Recordmin.



Mutemin's Kamiwaza ability is to block out the distracting sounds and music. As a Bugmin, she can block out the music that anyone enjoys listening to and the sounds of people talking.

In the series

Kamiwaza Wanda

Mutemin makes her debut in episode 20 when Masato first summoned her. She used her Kamiwaza ability to stop everyone in Kirakira First Street from dancing like crazy by blocking out the music caused by Bug-Dancemin. Later, Mutemin used the same Kamiwaza ability to prevent Souma and his butler from talking about Masato through their walkie-talkies.

In episode 23, Mutemin confronted Bug-Recordmin but Masato and Mighty were kidnapped by Bug-Divemin. Later, she and Recordmin helped Yuto comfront Bug-Divemin. After that, Masato and Mighty were set free from Bug-Divemin's underwater-like diamension.

In episode 24, Mutemin uses her Kamiwaza ability again. This time, she uses it to block out Micmin's singing.

Mutemin makes her camero appearance in episode 37 and as her Kamiwaza Pro-card in episode 38.

Mutemin also made her cameo appearance in episode 41 when Masato used her to comfront Bug-Speechmin.

In episode 45, Mutemin was summoned to stop Bug-Katasumin along with Turbomin, Kagimin, Jetmin, Railmin, Banemin, Coromin, Jaguchimin, Bigmin and Zuzumin. Later Mutemin fused with Sukemin and Jetmin throughout Masato's Kamiwaza Shaker in order to chase down Bug-Gauzemin who was rebugged in episode 44.




  • Mutemin resembles an unplugged pair of headphones.


  • Mutemin is one of the Promins who were captured and debugged as Bugmins prior to the Kamiwaza Wanda series.
  • Mutemin's name comes from the word 'mute' which is another word for 'silence'.