Nice & Amazing is the fourty-fourth episode of Kamiwaza Wanda. It first aired in Japan on March 04, 2017 on TBS.



Wanda is delighted that his 2 friends have made it to Earth to help Yuto's 2 friends Mirai and Shuu. However, Yuto's Promin buddy Turbomin and Masato's Promin buddy Jetmin are both rebugged...


The episode starts with a recap of the previous episode showing how Yuto's 2 friends Mirai and Shuu became Kamiwaza Power-Shooters like Yuto and his rival Masato.

Yuto, his 2 friends Mirai and Shuu and rival Masato are enjoying their time at the park with their teammates and their Promins. However, Mirai was having trouble with Amazing because she was worried that Amazing might dress up in Mirai's clothes and sleep in Mirai's bed and Shuu was having trouble with Nice be he was worried that Nice might pinch some of the trianglar-shaped steak pasties from his parents' battered meat store.

While they have lunch served by Burgemin and Sharimin, Wanda then told Nice and Amazing that the 2 must care for their teammates Mirai and Shuu. Suddenly, Bug-Katasumin appears. Yuto's Promin buddy Turbomin and Masato's Promin buddy Jetmin tried to stop her but Bug-Katasumin kidnapped them.

Then, the strange closet returned from nowhere and Bug-Katasumin threw Turbomin and Jetmin into it. Soon, Bug-Turbomin and Bug-Jetmin jump out from the closet. Bug-Turbomin made some sushi gain wheels and run away while Bug-Jetmin made some burgers fly. Wanda uses his Kamiwaza Searcher because another Bugmin is approching. Bug-Fatmin was revealed. Just then, Sharimin and Burgemin were kidnapped and were thrown into the strange closet. They came out as Bug-Sharimin and Bug-Burgemin. Then, Great came back and told the 4 Kamiwaza Power-Shooters that Bug-Katasumin is doing well so they have to try and stop the rebugged Bugmins before it's too late.

Using teleportation, Great and 4 of the Bugmins left. Now, Mirai and Shuu must work together with their teammates Nice and Amazing in order to comfront Bug-Turbomin and Bug-Jetmin with their Promins. Mirai summons Railmin and Shuu summons Banemin.

At Kirakira First Street, various objects, including someone's false teeth were covered in deep-fried batter thanks to Bug-Fatmin. The deep-fried false teeth then went into the warehouse at the docks and attacked Terara, Megaga and Gigaga who were having their favourite desserts.

Back at Kirakira First Street, Shuu goes after Bug-Jetmin. He summons Origamin and Copymin in order to stop Bug-Jetmin's burger-henchmen.

Mirai goes after Bug-Turbomin. She summons Fukumin. Fukumin uses her Kamiwaza ability to transform both Mirai and Amazing into their magical girl selves. Bug-Turbomin stopped as he saw Mirai and Amazing. He sent his sushi-henchmen to attack them but Mirai summons Gauzemin in order to help her and Amazing stop the sushi with their ribbons.

Bug-Fatmin wasn't happy so he left using teleportation.

Bug-Turbomin and Bug-Jetmin both try and go the other way but Yuto and Masato encountered them. With help from Yuto, Masato fused Dancemin and Chakkamin throughout his Kamiwaza Shaker. Chacemin was summoned.

Then, Chacemin uses his dancing flames to comfront Bug-Jetmin and Bug-Turbomin, trapping them in his firey cage. Yuto recaptures and debugs Bug-Turbomin while Masato recaptures and debugs Bug-Jetmin. Later, with Yuto and Masato's Promin buddys returned to their owners, everything seems to be fine but the strange closet incident was not over yet.

In the end on the episode, Don Bugdez was pleased even though that he only has Bug-Katasumin, Bug-Fatmin and the remaining Bugmins with him.


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