Bug Bites' Terara
Terara is one of the main villains in Kamiwaza Wanda. She is voiced by Emiri Katou. Terara is one of the 3 Bug Bites members.


Terara is the shortest and only female member of the Bug Bites. She has cream-coloured hair and silver eyes. She wears a red, long-sleaved dress, long, red boots and red earrings. Like her teammates Megaga and Gigaga, Terara has a red nose


Terara is the leader of the Bug Bites. She is the only member who holds the Wazawai Program.


In the series

Kamiwaza Wanda

Terara makes her debut along with Megaga and Gigaga in the beginning of episode 2 when she was transformed from a 'Barbie'-like doll by Don Bugdez.

In almost all of the original Kamiwaza Wanda episodes, Terara is always with the other 2 Bug Bites members.

Terara made a cameo appearance in episode 44 when she rebugs Turbomin, Jetmin, Sharimin and Burgemin who were kidnapped by Bug-Katasumin.

In episode 47, following Don Bugdez's extinction, Terara was turned back into her old 'Barbie'-like doll form. Later, she, along with Megaga and Gigaga, was in a box at Yuto's house.


  • Terara is the only member of the Bug Bites who can turn Promins into Bugmins by casting the Wazawai Program at them. She can also cast the Wazawai Program at various objects for a Bugmin to be located.
  • Terara's Japanese voice-actress, Emiri Katou, also voiced Miraitchi from the 'Tamagotchi!' anime series.