Tonkmin is a character in Kamiwaza Wanda and a Promin. His attribute is Wakuwaku.

Promin Tonkmin



Tonkmin resembles a grey hammer with a blue body, a chatreuse face grey pincher-like arms, grey legs and a chatreuse face.

For his Bugmin ego, see: Bug-Tonkmin

As a Bugmin, he has a visible, crooked mouth.


Tonkmin is a very creative Promin. He is an expert at crafting objects and constructing walls and buildings.



Tonkmin's Kamiwaza ability is to build objects to help others. As a Bugmin, he can demolish pre-built objects and build walls to block anyone.

In the series

Kamiwaza Wanda

Tonkmin first appeared as a Bugmin in episode 1 when he demolised a shade that a salesman was standing under. Yuto summons Turbomin in order to help him chase Bug-Tonkmin. Bug-Tonkmin then builds up a giant wall to block Yuto but Dorirumin drills a hole through it, letting Yuto get through. Yuto then captures and debugs Bug-Tonkmin.

Tonkmin was first summoned by Yuto in episode 3 when he builds him a shield in order to help him deal with Bug-Jaguchimin.

Tonkmin was summoned again along with Dorirumin in episode 5. He and Dorirumin worked together to help Shuu and Yuto construct a barbeque stand for Shuu's parents.

In episode 10, Tonkmin builds a giant ramp for Yuto and Turbomin to go up and chase down Bug-Jetmin.

In episode 14, Tonkmin was summoned by Yuto in order to build a shield and then a giant wall to stop Bug-Senpuumin.

In episode 34, Tonkmin was summoned by Yuto in order to comfront Bug-Fukumin by crafting a fake closet for her to hide in.

In episode 43, after comfronting Bug-Temomin and Bug-Makuramin, Tonkmin got sucked into the strange closet along with Kyatchimin. He and Kyatchimin were both rebugged and got out of the closet, giving Yuto and Masato the struggle. Yuto later recaptured and debugged Bug-Tonkmin with help from Shuu, Mirai and Masato.

Tonkmin was rebugged again prior to the end of episode 44. He was recaptured and debugged by Mirai in episode 45.



  • Tonkmin is the one of the first 6 Promins to be introduced in the teaser before the Kamiwaza Wanda franchise's debut.


  • Tonkmin resembles a hammer.


  • Tonkmin is the first Promin to be captured and debugged as a Bugmin by Yuto. It only happened in episode 1.



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