Written Promin!! is the ninth episode of Kamiwaza Wanda. It first aired in Japan on June 18, 2016 on TBS.



As Yuto was doing a good job on capturing and debugging Bugmins since the beginning of his adventure, Wanda explains about a wonderful place called Promin-Land. Meanwhile at Kirakira First Street, trouble has been lurking around the cutting corners...


That night at the docks, Terara, Megaga and Gigaga, otherwise known as the Bug Bites, are enjoying their favourite desserts. That was until their master Don Bugdez appeared. He was angry because Yuto had been capturing and debugging Bugmins. Terara, Megaga and Gigaga all agreed. Terara then has an idea...

The next day, Yuto goes off on his skateboard, boosted by his Promin buddy Turbomin, to school and meets up with his 2 friends Mirai and Shuu. As his day in school progresses, photos of Yuto were taken including one with Nicole and one with Souma.

Outside Kirakira Elementary School, the Bug Bites were watching. Terara was also thinking about Yuto who have solved the puzzle during the team quiz battle in the previous episode as well as the Wazawai Program and the Bugmins. The Bug Bites then continued to spy on Yuto who was currently having a power-nap.

Back inside Yuto's house, Yui finds Wanda in her brother's bedroom. She hugs Wanda by the tail, causing him to stand up and bump his head on his Kamiwaza Pod's hatch. Later, Wanda shows Yui the Kamiwaza File because he wants to explain to Yuto about a place known as Promin-Land. Meanwhile, Yuto has finished school for today. He summons Turbomin in order to boost his skateboard for Yuto to go home on. Somewhere in Kirakira First Street, the Bug Bites were spying on Yuto again. This time they saw Turbomin as well.

Later, Yuto arrived at his house. He came up to his bedroom to see his teammate Wanda as well as his sister Yui. Wanda introduces the Kamiwaza File to Yuto. Yuto then uses his Kamiwaza Power-Shot to summon all the Promins he has so far. As the Promins play around in Yuto's bedroom, Wanda explains Yui about a place called Promin-Land where Promin come in there and play when Yuto puts their Kamiwaza Pro-cards in the Kamiwaza File.

Meanwhile at Kirakira First Street, Yuto's 2 friends Mirai and Shuu had been eating their sherbets. Shuu was stuck trying to open his sherbet but a pair of scissors mysteriously came and cut Shuu's sherbet open. Shuu thanked but he and Mirai didn't see anyone here but a floating pair of scissors. Mirai and Shuu then went to see Yuto and warned him that there's a flying pair of scissors causing mayhem at Kirakira First Street. Wanda tells Yuto to go out with him and all the Promins Yuto has so far and confront that flying pair of scissors which has been cutting random objects including a flower bouquet which Mirai's parents were going to give to Mrs. Hina. Yuto, Wanda and all the Promins Yuto has so far then got the flying scissors cornered. Wanda uses his Kamiwaza Searcher on the flying pair of scissors. Bug-Hasamin, who suddenly drops the pair of scissors, was revealed.

Bug-Hasamin tried to get away but she was trapped by the walls of fire, ice and water created by Chakkamin, Freezemin and Jaguchimin. Yuto then captures and debugs Bug-Hasamin, delighting Wanda and Yui. However, the Bug Bites appeared. Terara calls in a forklift to go after Yuto, Wanda and the Promins Yuto has so far. Wanda uses his Kamiwaza Searcher again but on the forklift this time. Bug-Liftmin was revealed and he kidnapped Dorirumin, Kagimin, Zuzumin, Denkyumin, Jaguchimin, Freezemin, Eishamin, Chakkamin, Gakkimin, Micmin, Sharimin, Burgemin and Jishomin with the forklift.

Then, thanks to the Bug Bites, a large tempura jumped off the sign and began flying around, giving Wanda the boot. Yuto tried to chase down both Bug-Liftmin and the flying tempura but he and Turbomin grew tired. Yui was upset about her brother losing 13 of the Promins he has so far and Wanda.

As the sun sets, Yuto, his 2 friends Mirai and Shuu and his sister Yui were back in Yuto's bedroom. Yuto now only has Turbomin, Gauzemin, Tonkmin, Railmin and Hasamin remaining. Mirai and Shuu promises that Yuto's father and they will go and find Wanda. Yui agrees.

Meanwhile at a snowy place far away from Kirakira First Street, Wanda was lost as the story will then continue in the following episode.


In the episode


  • This episode marks the beginning of the flying tempura incident. It ended on episode 10.
  • The Bug Bites have done their motto for the first time.
  • Bug-Liftmin used the same forklift in episode 43.
  • Jetmin was mentioned as a Bugmin in this episode.
  • This is the first episode in which all the Promins so far were summoned.

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Bugmins Debugged

Promins Summoned