Zuzumin is a character in Kamiwaza Wanda and a Promin. His attribute is Hokkori.

Promin Zuzumin






Zuzumin's Kamiwaza ability is to manipulate animals in order to help him and several others. As a Bugmin, he brings animals into silly places such as Nicole's radio station.

In the series

Kamiwaza Wanda

Zuzumin was one of the Promins who got captured as Bugmins and debugged by Wanda prior to the beginning of the series.

Zuzumin first appeared in episode 2 as he was summoned by Yuto. He stopped the animals released by Bug-Kagimin from rampaging the school grounds. After Yuto captures and debugs Bug-Kagimin, Zuzumin guides the animals back into the zoo.

Zuzumin was summoned again in episode 4 in which he sent in some of his droplings to stop Bug-Railmin, giving Yuto the chance to catch and debug him.

In episode 9, Zuzumin was kidnapped, along with other Promins excluding Turbomin, Gauzemin, Hasamin, Tonkmin and Railmin, by Bug-Liftmin after Yuto captures and debugs Bug-Hasamin.

Zuzumin was rebugged in episode 10 and he sent in some animals in Nicole's radio station. Later, after capturing and debugging Bug-Jetmin, Yuto captures and dubugs Bug-Zuzumin along with the other rebugged Bugmins as well as capturing and debugging Bug-Liftmin.

In episode 26, Zuzumin fused with Railmin throughout the Kamiwaza Shaker by Yuto, becoming Zurumin. He lured in the circus-acting seals and elephants from around the world to confront Bug-Coromin.

In episode 45, Zuzumin fused with Turbomin and Plugmin in order to help Yuto, Masato, Mirai and Shuu capture and debug the remaining Bugmins.







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